Bollywood purists may be wondering about what HO MANN JAHAN is about: is it a play? Or a music album? Or a movie under production? The last one has to be ruled out, since I do not write reviews for movies under production! Lollywood followers would have no such deciphering issues, since HO MANN JAHAN in a few weeks of its release has been making huge waves. I have watched a few Pakistani TV serials and heard women singing endless praises about many of these serials and spending innumerable hours discussing the happenings in these episodes. HO MANN JAHAN is the third Pakistani film which I have seen and my deep wish is that Lollywood makes more of such productions.

HO MANN JAHAN is a simple tale with a simple message about being true to and following one’s dreams. What makes this a remarkable movie is the brilliant effort at developing each of the characters (so what, if it takes nearly three hours), the real life like and sensitive performance of the actors and the calculated understatement of the dialogues and the script. Mahira Khan, who plays the female lead role, not only is charming (she was voted as the sexiest in Lollywood last month), but also an admirable performer. Indian TV viewers who have recently got an opportunity to watch the Zindagi channel, which screens Pakistani serials have already been exposed to her stellar performance in Humsafar. And it therefore is no surprise that come Eid 2016 and we will see Mahira romancing someone who in this under production venture, in his own words, has “Baniya ka Dimag aur Miyanbhai ki daring”. Yes, I am referring to Shah Rukh Khan’s RAYEES!

All the actors in HO MANN JAHAN  deliver first rate performances and the songs and music fit very well in the flow. Movie goers who have become accustomed to briskly paced productions and stories in which style and action take precedence over demonstration of feelings will find this movie to be progressing slowly. A few others may perhaps feel that this is not done as a feature film, and is more like six episodes of a TV serial strung together without a commercial break.

So what! I still liked it!

RATING: 4 out 5

January 10, 2015

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A cheerful person who loves watching and reviewing movies and indulges in random writings!
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