It is not very often that I get to see a movie in a language that I do not understand. And ever since I finished seeing this sub-titled Malayalam movie today afternoon, I have been wanting to share my experience as also as to what prompted me to watch this. It was just about a fortnight back  when I was returning with my colleague from work, that my colleague mentioned that there was this song which I would love. He put on a Malayalam song and started humming. The number, rendered by Yesudas, immediately struck a chord and made me listen to that and other songs from that movie a number of times. The haunting melodies included a Shreya Ghoshal sung number for which the music director Jayachandran got the National Award for best music in March of this year. I did a little more research on this movie and the story was what prompted me to watch ENNU NINTE MOIDEEN, a movie first released last year and which literally translates to : Yours forever, Moideen.

There are love stories galore, and the ones which make the most impact emotionally are the ones where the lovers are tragically separated or tragically united in death. ENNU NINTE MOIDEEN is a tragic tale with a difference. Set in the Mukkom area in Kerala, this is a real life love story about the trials and tribulations of  a Hindu girl Kanchanamala and a Muslim boy, Moideen in the early sixties. And while Moideen died in a boat accident saving lives when he was 44, Kanchanamala is still alive! 

Director Vimal, whose maiden effort is ENNU NINTE MOIDEEN crafts the story in a leisurely fashion and stretches the story telling effort to nearly three hours. Embellished by excellent acting by the lead artistes, Prithviraj and Parvathy, this is not a love story of the kind we get to see or hear about often. The love between these two gets triggered as a friendship when they are in school and gradually grows not out of pangs of passion, but out of exchanges of poetry laced letters. And when the families oppose the relationship on account of religious differences and try hard to break this relationship, the spirit of sacrifice gets deepened in the hearts of these lovers, but without surrendering to the pressures of marrying someone else. Filmed in the lush settings of Kerala and with superb background music, this movie is not a tear jerker. There are a few scenes, where the lumpy feeling gets into the throat, and credit must go to the writers for staying clear of maudlin moods for the better part of the movie. The accident part in the end seems to have been shoddily filmed and that does detract. A few of the memorable songs ( including the Yesudas number ) have been omitted from the movie, to prevent them intruding on the flow; but do enjoy them on the audio!

RATING: 4 out of 5 

June 17th, 2016

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