From the last week of October this year beginning from when Karan Johar released his AE DIL HAI MUSHKIL to now, all significant Bollywood releases have had one singularity: all of them have featured break-ups as a significant part of their story line. AE DIL HAI MUSHKIL and DEAR ZINDAGI dealt with it almost full time and KAHAANI 2 involved characters who were separated. And Yash Raj films’ latest venture BEFIKRE, despite all that carefree and happy-go-lucky posturing, does begin with a break-up. I wonder why there is so much of fixation about break-ups!

But leave aside break-ups for the time being and join the gay abandon of a journey which BEFIKRE is all about. Three persons deserve a thunderous applause for strictly sticking to the title of this rom com: Ranveer Singh, who is the absolute epitome of the guy for whom testosterone levels always are at a high; Vaani Kapoor, who matches his spirits step to step, and Vaibhavi Merchant, the choreographer who gets Ranveer and Vaani to perform some outstanding and extremely complicated and acrobatic dance steps. This movie is worth a watch if only to see those amazing dance sequences!

There is gloss, of course, this being a Aditya Chopra directed movie, and the lovely locales of Paris and the smattering of French in a few dialogues and in one of the songs turns on the romantic (or rather prurient) atmosphere. But the fierce pace which gets built up during the better part of the film has to slow down towards the end, and Aditya Chopra stutters in this. Yash Raj Films’ HUM TUM handled this much better and the contrast between BEFIKRE and HUM TUM is rather telling. The songs and the song sequences in the first half are sure to feature in the top of the charts and a number of conservative viewers will wonder how the censors allowed the shot of Ranveer baring his behind; the record keepers will say how perhaps BEFIKRE is the first Bollywood movie to feature more than fifty kissing sequences  ( I am making a guess). Ranveer excels in his role (what a contrasting role to what he played in BAJI RAO MASTANI about a year back), but the last half hour is so cliché ridden, that all these pluses just get erased. But watch it for all the pluses, and walk out of the movie after two hours. You will not regret it then!

RATING: 3.5 out of 5

December 9th,2016

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