The extent to which THE STATE vs JOLLY LLB 2 is fast becoming a much talked about movie can be gauged not merely by how it has come close to becoming a member of the 100 crore club, but also by how it’s extremely witty dialogues are being quoted in numerous places. In fact, no other movie in the recent past has such an abundance of one-liners. And if one of the popular dialogues in the movie mouthed by the defense lawyer (played quite adeptly by Annu Kapoor), finds a mention in a defamatory suit filed recently by the shoe maker, Bata India Limited, you can be sure that not only are the dialogues laden with dark humour, but are also being taken rather seriously in some quarters!! Subhash Kapoor, who has written and directed this sequel hasn’t perhaps quite forgotten the controversy of an actress slapping him (exactly three years back in February 2014) after alleging that he had molested her and therefore has a slapping sequence soon after the famous Bata dialogue in THE STATE vs JOLLY LLB 2!

I have already mentioned about the dialogues of the movie, but there are also several other plusses. The acting (particularly of Akshay Kumar and Saurabh Shukla) is excellent and so are their characterizations. With this combination, it would be but natural to expect that the movie as a whole to have been an excellent satire. Unfortunately, Subhash Kapoor gets a bit carried away and the story as it develops in the second half is riddled with too much of unrealistic happenings and coincidences. This is a sore distraction and weighs rather heavily as the movie unfolds. That the movie is still watchable is indeed a tribute to the noteworthiness of the theme and the superb casting. If only the movie had continued in the same strain as it had started off in the first half, this sequel would have been an unmissable movie. Subhash Kapoor does deserve kudos for all the positives: the idiosyncrasies are portrayed in a manner that is not offensive; even the shoe throwing incident (I don’t know as to whether Bata will take umbrage against this) and its consequences is a telling commentary on the sad state of affairs in our courts! And Subhash Kapoor drills this fact strongly without losing out on the humorous narration! It is a jolly good first half!!

RATING: 3.5 out of 5

February 16, 2017


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