Amongst the various figures quoted in connection with BAAHUBALI 2: THE CONCLUSION, the one I found most impressive was the number of screens in US which screened this from yesterday. At a staggering 1400, this is a record. Of course, the fact that this movie is being released in 6500 screens throughout is another record and so is the fact that at a hundred million views, its trailer is the most watched in Indian film history. Just to put things in perspective, the trailer of DANGAL had a little over 50 million views!

Releasing nearly two years after the first part, the excitement surrounding this Hyderabad production in every part of the country has seen no parallel. As a rule, South Indian movies dubbed in Hindi have never triggered wide interest: the dubbed first part of BAAHUBALI was the first 100 crore success. And I will be most surprised if this sequel (or perhaps prequel) doesn’t turn out to be the biggest grossing film across in 2017.

The strongest feature about BAAHUBALI 2 is the story and screenplay and its being brought alive in a visually grand manner. True, this appears to be tackier than the first part and the special effects are over the top, but the sterling performance of Prabhas, the excellent background score and songs composed by Keeravani (M M Kreem) make this  movie worth watching. The story is nothing short of an epic story, and while finally, good wins over the bad, the twists and turns make this even more exciting.

Yes, there are times when one does feel that there is a lot of stretching and slicker editing could have had a more powerful impact, but Rajamouli has invested so much in this that he gets carried away by the excesses. Baahubali 2 scores also because there hasn’t been a presentation of an epic story on such an epic scale in Indian film history. And that by itself is a good enough reason to feel proud about the technical capabilities of Indian Film makers.

And if you expected me to give a remote clue on why Kattappa killed Baahubali (Senior), you will be disappointed! Instead of guessing, just watch the movie. And watch it not by putting on judgmental glasses, but just by getting soaked in the grandeur. You will like it!

RATING: 4 out of 5

April 28, 2017


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