The one thing that put me off most in Ram Gopal Varma’s SARKAR 3 was how the storyline sounded so very anachronistic. Rehashed and retold a number of times, there is not an iota of novelty or freshness in its narration as well. And the deafening background music to the accompaniment of the Govinda chants is actually jarring; ironically, it dampens the flow. 

After making movies like Satya, Company and the earlier avatars of Sarkar, Ram Gopal Varma seemed to slide downhill. His effort on the re creation of the 26/11 attacks in Mumbai (The attacks of 26/11) did seem to show that his spark had revived, but SARKAR 3 again confirms  that the downhill path continues. 

What redeems the movie to some extent is the excellent portrayal by Amitabh Bachchan, who seems to never tire out even when performing in average productions. I wish Ram Gopal Varma had learnt from him that silence and terseness can speak louder than anything else. And Ronit Roy is just as effective. And so is his “dumb” aide! In a  special appearance role, which is not a cameo appearance by any standard, Manoj Bajpayee reveals the acting class that he is from. But the rest of the cast is just terrible and that includes Jackie Shroff! Amit Sadhe, playing the grandson, has a tough role, but falls short of what good actors could have done. 

And lastly, It won’t be fair on my part if I don’t mention that Abhishek Bachchan looks good in the “framed” part !!

RATING: 2.5 out of 5

May 15th 2017

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