Slice of Life comedies are a rarity these days. In Bollywood, comedies authored by Hrishikesh Mukherjee and Basu Chatterjee regaled us in the seventies and eighties. These had characters, who could be easily identified as the “Aam Janta” and who got in and out of situations which created the comical element. The characters didn’t have to make faces to make us laugh and as a whole, eschewed “adult” topics and stayed away from all things lewd. And while there are some exceptionally good films in Indian Regional cinema, the really good ones have always based on a serious theme. Last year, there was a low budget movie, an Indo-American production in Kannada called THITHI. Winner of numerous international awards, including the National Award for the best feature film, THITHI was not a laugh raiser. It was a satire and just looked at simple and funny events like a bystander would look, but was thoroughly entertaining.

ONDU MOTTEYA KATHE, a Kannada movie (The title translates as “A Bald Person’s Tale”) which released last month in India and yesterday in Muscat is not just a classy comedy, but a hilarious presentation with a message. Everything in this movie is near perfect: the storyline, the theme, the screenplay, the acting and the direction. The plight of the bald and the anxieties of the near and dear are so beautifully brought to the fore that one gets totally involved in the environs as portrayed in the movie. The characters are very real and life-like and charming too; the references to the Kannada movie thespian Dr Rajkumar are superbly placed. Debutant director and the lead actor Raj Shetty deserves full kudos for this effort; I will be most surprised if this movie doesn’t walk away with numerous Indian and International Awards. Thankfully, this movie is sub-titled in English, but as in any translation, it is impossible for a non-Kannada knowing person to enjoy this as much as a person who knows Kannada. In fact, in a few places, I saw this movie title being translated as “Egghead”; nothing could be farther than this from what the movie is all about.

I hope this movie gets all the publicity it deserves; movies about The BALD can be BEAUTIFUL!!

Don’t miss it!

RATING: 4 out of 5

August 18, 2017

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