VEERAM in 2013, VEDALAM in 2015 and VIVEGAM in 2017 have all got a number of things in common. All these three Tamil productions have showcased actor Ajith Kumar as a one man demolition squad, have been directed by Siva and have loud deafening music to appropriately match the high octane content. The heroines have fairly trivialized roles and for some reason which I am not aware of, Siva likes to use Bollywood actors to play the role of the villain. In VEERAM, it was Atul Kulkarni, in VEDALAM it was Rahul Dev and now in VIVEGAM, we have considerable footage devoted to Vivek Oberoi. And of course, both VEERAM and VEDALAM were commercial hits.With all this and the hype surrounding the release of VIVEGAM, does it deliver? 
For all hard core Ajith fans, who have come to expect such over the top hyperbole and revel at his efficiently executing his role as a one man Demolition squad, VIVEGAM certainly doesn’t disappoint. Lavishly mounted and filmed in Serbia, Slovenia and Bulgaria, and laced with power packed dialogues for Ajith, there is no understatement of any kind in VIVEGAM. There is hi-tech written all over the film and the wizardry and the gadgets would   certainly inspire Tom Cruise for his next episode of Mission Impossible. The stunts and the chase sequences are excellently executed and with his greying locks, Ajith fits the role like a glove.

The theme of betrayal is an interesting one, but the storyline in VIVEGAM is so weak and mediocre, that it ends up just as a collage of well shot scenes. There is also no effort at developing the characters with the result that except for Ajith, everyone else is utterly bland. This includes the female artistes Kajal Agarwal and Akshara Hassan and the Bollywood star Vivek Oberoi. 

VIVEGAM (meaning Discernment) could well become another hit, but if you are endowed with VIVEGAM, even to a small extent, you will do well to stay away. But if you are a true Ajith fan, you will relish his persona on the screen!

RATING: 2.5 out of 5

August 25, 2017

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