Quiz Question: What is the real “secret” in SECRET SUPERSTAR?

Well, I guess I will make the reader read till the very end of this review to get an answer to this.

SECRET SUPERSTAR, the newest production from Aamir Khan, is a feel good tale about children, their dreams, the obstacles and the thrill of watching the dreams coming true. Weave in between, a true loving bond between mother and daughter; very realistically portrayed sequences of puppy love; the boorishness of a parent; the big bad world of Bollywood and its awards and one is bound to come up with an emotionally satisfying storyline with ample opportunities for throats getting choked with feelings. And while we have been exposed to last minute romantic reunions at airports or railway stations, the joy caused by the separation at the airport in SECRET SUPERSTAR beats all those!!

For the viewer to empathize with the happenings and personalities, it’s not enough to have a nice story. You require actors to emote perfectly. Whether it is Zaira Wasim, the young wrestler in DANGAL playing as the teenager Insia or Meher Vij, the mom of the cute little girl in BAJRANGI BHAIJAAN, playing the role of Insia or the youngster Tirth Sharma, who plays the adorable Chintan, everyone performs outstandingly. These features to a large extent outweigh some of the “unreal” filmy parts of the script, which is what makes SECRET SUPERSTAR a tad less perfect compared to DANGAL. DANGAL came alive because of a real story; SECRET SUPERSTAR sounds less real. In today’s world, we have several upcoming performers on various reality shows and that is the route which music directors take to spot new talent. And while Meghna’s voice is good, it just doesn’t seem all that good for so many hits on YouTube! And the songs which Insia writes and composes tunes for are no potential “hits”.

But, one looks at these frailties closely only because one expects perfection in an Aamir Khan movie. That this comes so close to perfection must be truly credited to the debut director Advait Chandan. And since I am coming to the end of this review, I must reveal the answer to my question in the first line of this review. Advait Chandan began his career by serving meals to the sets of Aamir Khan’s TAARE ZAMEEN PAR. His career progression from there to becoming Aamir Khan’s manager to becoming someone to direct Aamir Khan himself is a secret which should become public now. Wah re Aamir, you have proven yourself to be adept at facilitating this as well!

RATING: 4 out of 5

October 22, 2017



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