It is very likely that most of you will perhaps think that having been deprived of watching good movies of late, I have diversified into writing reviews about culinary items. And given my weakness (or my fondness, as my fond friends would like to call it) for dessert delights, I won’t be surprised. But the fact is that this indeed is about a movie called CAKE! If you did some googling before the next day or two, you will find out that there were two Hollywood movies made in 2005 and 2014 with this title and both of which were eminently forgettable movies. And if you google this name a few days later, it is very likely that you will realize that a movie titled CAKE which was released two days back has started making huge waves on the movie front. Yes, but not on the Bollywood news circuit for some more time; and not on the Indian news circuit for a long time to come. This is because, it is highly likely that this will get a theatrical release in India.

CAKE is a Pakistani production and is easily the best movie that I have seen in this year; I would rate it even a shade higher than PADMAN, although they belong to different genres. PADMAN was in many ways an educational film and since it had to communicate important messages, it had to weave them in a “filmy” manner. CAKE is just a plain “slice of life” tale told without any “filmy” compulsions. And that is its biggest achievement. It will be wrong, if I were to say that this movie doesn’t impart a message, but that is not its objective. Its narrative doesn’t flow down from a pulpit and presents family bonding and love related matters in an “as is where is” package. So we have siblings, who sacrifice and hate, couples in love who tease and sometimes insult each other, secrets which are hidden and then revealed at inopportune times. There is no moralistic stance, no judgements about what is right or wrong. There are no intrusive songs and the “Piya To Ab To Aaja” number which plays in the background a few times is rather apt for those situations. The acting is of excellent caliber, the screenplay is sensitive without being unnecessarily melodramatic and the story telling is of a quality not seen often on the big screen.

There aren’t many times when you can eat the cake and have it too; watching CAKE is something like that!

RATING: 4 out of 5

April 1, 2018


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