Released world wide a few days back, A QUIET PLACE, tells a tale of a place in which quietness is the only key for survival. And making a noise is a sure way of inviting disaster! Sounds eerie, doesn’t it? Imagine a situation where a family has to carry on in life communicating in muffled tones or in sign language and live with the dreaded thought that disaster could be lurking around the corner waiting to be triggered by sound above a particular decibel level. According to me, it would be wrong to call A QUIET PLACE a horror movie. Did it scare me? No. Did it make me extremely tense and provide edge-of-the-seat experience for the 95 minutes duration of the movie? Yes, Yes, Yes!!!

Directed by John Krasinki, who also plays the lead role in the movie, the movie stars his real life wife Emily Blunt as his wife in the movie. These two are the only adult human characters in the movie; there are three other children who feature in the scenes apart from a new born infant. The role of the deaf daughter in the movie is played by a real life deaf artiste Milicent Simmonds, and one could certainly call this a casting coup.

More than anything else, the reason why A QUIET PLACE succeeds is that it is about family bonding and all that is done to stick together against the background of a tragedy that strikes the family in the beginning of the movie and the impending arrival of a new born. And is the mother expected to keep quiet during her labor pains? And can the new born be expected not to cry? And can the sound of the first crying of a child which announces its arrival in the world trigger a danger which can actually cause its destruction? And what about the other children? How do they lead a normal life in such circumstances? The depiction of these situations on the screen is what produces the tense moments throughout the movie.

If you like the edge-of the-seat thrillers, then this is a movie that must be regarded as unmissable!

RATING: 4.5 out of 5

April 9, 2018



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