The word Blackmail connotes anything but a quirky act, but the movie BLACKMAIL, released last week has a lot of quirkiness about it (at least the first half). I was wondering whether I should do a quirky review of a quirky movie and that’s what caused me to delay writing this.

Imagine a situation wherein the hero is persuaded by a colleague to buy roses to celebrate the hero’s wife’s birthday. And our hero goes to the Flower bazaar only to find it closed. So what does the hero do? He scales the wall of a nearby cemetery, looking around for any fresh roses deposited on graves and attempts to achieve his objective. Would you call that macabre? I would call it quirkily funny.

Take another instance. How would it be if a blackmailer himself would get blackmailed? And what if he realizes that the money which he is getting as part of his blackmailing demand is actually his own money? Or say, a company wants to promote Toilet Paper Rolls by causing a shutting off the water supply, but finds instead that sales of bottled water bottles has gone up?? These and a host of such quirky incidents liberally dot the first half of Abhinay Deo’s directorial venture BLACKMAIL. If you loved the dark humour of his earlier DELHI BELLY, you will love the first half of BLACKMAIL as well.

And striding through virtually every frame like a colossus is the ever dependable Irrfan Khan, who plays the blackmailer who gets blackmailed!! Yes, there is some amount of Toilet humour, but what causes the movie to derail dangerously in the second half is the twists and turns and the improbabilities that are heaped on the viewer. So what could have been a breezy dark comedy falters and gets into situations involving murders and complications. The circle of blackmailing gets bigger and bigger and beyond a certain point, BLACKMAIL actually becomes tedious to watch.

See the first half and you will be happy; see the full movie and be prepared to be disappointed.

RATING: 3 out of 5

April 13, 2018


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