If you were to be told, that in the first few minutes of this Benoy Nambiar written story, you are introduced to a character and in the next few minutes you hear of him passing away in a road accident, you would think that a grim two hours lie ahead of you. And if that character were to be the father of one of the lead characters, then even so. And added to that, if the news of another death comes in the script, you would be pardoned if you begin to think that you are stepping into a ghoulish experience. And if there is a mix-up of these two dead bodies, then macabre, it is going to be! Right? Oh, no! You couldn’t be farther away from truth if you are watching KARWAAN!

Easily the best slice-of-life comedy of 2018, debut director Akarsh Khurana’s KARWAAN is a refreshingly fresh attempt on a road journey based movie. It isn’t as casual as it appears to be, and life’s lessons are beautifully clad in the seemingly matter of fact dialogues. It is humorous to the core and the one-liners evoke a pleasant feeling without having to make you guffaw. And, notwithstanding the improbabilities in the story, you feel connected with the main characters throughout the movie. There are sentimental moments too, but those are writ on the expressions of the characters and not in loud sobs or preachy dialogues.

Irrfan Khan steals the show with his superlative performance, and it is just not because of those dialogues he gets to speak. His expressions, nuances and his dialogue delivery make him to be one of the best actors. If last year he stole the show with the comedy HINDI MEDIUM, this year it is KARWAAN. Among the movies released this year till now, it certainly will be a close call as to which male has displayed the best acting skills: Ranbir Kapoor in SANJU or Irrfan in KARWAAN.

The rest of the cast also does very well. Dulquer Salman (son of veteran Malayalam actor Mammootty) is a well established actor on his own in the South and performs well in his debut Bollywood film. And so are the fresh faced Mithila Palkar and her mom played by the star of yester years, Amala Akinneni (wife of the Telugu actor, Nagarjuna).

The music sounds just right and the locales are from God’s own country!

Just go and watch it!

RATING: 4 out of 5

August 5, 2018

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