Directed by debutante Amar Kaushik, STREE, comes out as the most outrageous movie of recent years. Oops! I meant outrageously funny!

And this is how this delightful horror comedy turns out to be! Horror and comedy interlaced in such a seamless manner, you could be pardoned if you felt spooky in a scene and immediately broke out into laughter the very next moment. And when I mean laughter, it is not some inane sequences (as was the case with the avoidable HAPPY PHIRR BHAAG JAAYEGI), but of a kind, where you require excellent actors to produce those effects without having to resort to puerile dialogues or face contortions. STREE has several dialogues on discussing “below the belt” matters, but the “crudity” is delivered in an absolutely “refined” manner! The superb performances of the star cast beginning from Rajkummar Rao, Shraddha Kapoor, Pankaj Tripathi and everyone else takes the film into an arena hitherto unexplored with such panache as hasn’t been seen in recent times.

Very coincidentally, just a fortnight back, when I was witness to a business presentation which was promising results (perpetually from a future time post, which seemed to move ahead with every edition), I commented that it was something like “NALE BAA” phenomenon, which was witnessed in Bangalore in the early sixties. During that time, the superstition was that all the planets were aligned in a manner causing the Devil to visit each household in Bangalore. And to make sure the Devil would go away, “NALE BAA”, meaning “Come Tomorrow”, was pained on all the doors!! I was witness to that phenomenon. STREE is based on a similar superstition in a town called CHANDERI in Madhya Pradesh. And to add authenticity, it is even filmed there!

One can’t fault the writer and the producer duo, Raj Nidimoru and D K Krishna (Indian emigrants to US) for trying to weave in some message in the movie. After all, the other producer Dinesh Vijan involved in STREE was the person who produced last year’s comedy with a message, HINDI MEDIUM. Raj and DK have a record for writing something quirky and their GO GOA GONE was their first attempt at combining horror with comedy. What I can’t digest is how many of our leading reviewers find virtually everything right in a movie like STREE, except a few trivial slip ups, and yet not giving this movie the rating that it truly deserves. Just to make this point, I am giving this movie a four on five rating!!

RATING: 4 out of 5

September 1, 2018

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