REVIEW: 2.0.

When I had reviewed Shankar’s tri-lingual ROBOT (ENTHIRAN in Tamil) in 2010, it was the most expensive movie made in India then. Eight years later, he returns with another tri-lingual sequel called 2.0. And 2.0 is touted as the most expensive film produced in India. It is also the first Indian film shot wholly with 3D cameras, the first Tamil film to feature the famous Bollywood star Akshay Kumar, and Akshay Kumar’s first film as a villain. And he is the first character to come on the screen in 2.0. Of course 2.0 has several other claims such as being the first movie to talk about radiation hazards of cell phone towers, stellar special effects involving the creation of a Birdman with cell phones, no songs in the first half and many more such features, which if listed would easily take up the four hundred and odd words which is the length of my reviews!

2.0 is built for Rajni’s fans and therefore every opportunity to present the Super star in a larger than life scene is carefully capitalised. But alas, 2.0 seems to be a soul less effort. The focus is more on creating the special effects than weaving a powerful story. Consequently, the viewer is exposed to virtually no dramatic elements, no powerful and memorable dialogues and no emotion creating sequences. This comes as a disappointment, because the prequel, ENDHIRAN, had the right mix of a novel story, good songs and beautiful visuals. And of course, it had Aishwarya Rao playing the romantic interest.

While Rajni does what is expected of him, it is Akshay Kumar playing the hurt ornithologist who makes some sort of an impact in an otherwise feeble film. Amy Jackson as the humanoid assistant is passable. As a humanoid, you can’t expect her (or it) to demonstrate emotions! 2.0 is decidedly better than the recent Rajni movies, but that is not saying a lot!

Shankar’s movies have always been laced with a relevant message; in 2.0, it is about the lurking dangers of reckless proliferation of cell phones and their usage. That remains the only saving grace of 2.0 and merits 0.5 points extra on the rating scale. Thus arithmetically speaking, my rating is 2.0 plus 0.5 which is 2.5!

Rating : 2.5 out of 5

December 1, 2018

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