This is the first movie that I am reviewing after returning to India for good.
This is the first movie featuring Ranveer Singh released after his marriage.
This is the second movie for Ranveer Singh this year; the first one was PADMAAVAT.
This is the second movie for Sara Ali Khâń in this month, the earlier one being KEDARNATH.
This is the tenth movie by director Rohit Shetty in ten years, directing a movie every year from 2009.
This is the last movie that I will be reviewing in this year.
You might be wondering as to when is it that I will begin commenting about SIMMBA!
Quite honestly, if I were to tell you that this movie could be titled as SINGHAM RETURNS AGAIN, you might have wanted to give the movie a skip, because you might have felt that there is nothing new that Rohit Shetty could have offered.
But Rohit Shetty knows his box office calculations very well, and has created an amalgam of the stern SINGHAM and the comedy oriented GOLMAAL in his new presentation.
And therefore notwithstanding the hackneyed tale, SIMMBA delivers wholesome masaala fare.
And Rohit Shetty restrains his impulses to break tables and show flying cars and slow motion punches and gives ample room to Ranveer Singh to deliver a comical performance, that is just as good as his serious performance in PADMAAVAT. The dialogues and the one liners are absolutely spot on; the performance of other artistes like Sara Ali Khâń, Asutosh Rana and Sonu Sood effectively complements Ranveer’s stellar performance. These positives are able to mitigate the effects of numerous cliches and the stale storyline and the huge dollops of incredulities to a decent extent. Thus despite its length, SIMMBA is far from boring. And in the end, Rohit brings his lucky mascot Ajay Devgn to step in for a cameo role and tells us that the next venture SOORYAVANSHI in the SINGHAM genre features Akshay Kumar.
SIMMBA is by no means an unmissable movie, but neither is it a dud presentation. And just because of Ranveer Singh and the entertainment that he provides, I feel that this will perhaps be the biggest commercial hit of 2018.

RATING: 3 out of 5
December 28th, 2018

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