The loud cheering of an audience is not a new thing for Indian Cinema. Whenever the audience is introduced to the super stars of the silver screen, the auditorium breaks out in thunderous ovation. I have seen this happening particularly in Tamil films, where larger than life super heroes like Rajnikant, Vijay, Surya or Ajithkumar deliver forceful dialogues or punches! The last time I saw this a few days back when I was watching Rajnikant’s PETTA. In terms of the intensity of ovation, Bollywood superstars rank far behind their colleagues from Kollywood. The thunderous ovation that I was witness to when I watched URI : THE SURGICAL STRIKE was therefore unusual, because there isn’t any superstar in this Aditya Dhar’s creation. It made me feel proud that this was one movie, which had successfully invoked the nationalistic fervour without any jingoistic clamour; and it was this nationalistic pitch which caused the applause. So what if the Modi Government gets brownie points for a “new India”?

URI easily has the best war action sequences seen in Bollywood. Credit must go to the German action director, Stefan Richter, the director of photography, Mitesh Mirchandani and the writer director Aditya Dhar. Together they have created a movie, which impresses not merely because it is slickly made, but because it is the first Bollywood production which has the theme of a short, tactical strike against the enemy. It is not the story of a full blown war; it is more like what we saw in the strike against Bin Laden in Kathryn Bigelow’s ZERO DARK THIRTY way back in 2012. Uri shares the same grittiness in its second half.

URI is not flawless, if one were to review it on a pure cinematic basis. URI is long; it tries to blend family emotions; it seeks to justify the anger of the chief protagonist because of a family tragedy. According to me, the review has to have a perspective which should relate to the desired impact on the targeted audience. And therefore, thankfully, Aditya Dhar has created this not to get star ratings from those reviewers who are closeted with “anti Government” buddies or operate from artistic cocoons..

The impact which URI makes has a lot to do with the excellent performance by Vicky Kaushal. The role he plays here is in sharp contrast to the one he played in RAAZI and he is outstanding. Without having to mouth too many dialogues, his expressions convey a lot more. The rest of the cast also does an able job including Paresh Rawal, playing the role of the National Security Advisor. Mention must also be made of the actor who exactly looks like Manohar Parrikar!!

Just watch it!

RATING: 4 out of 5

January 13, 2019

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