It’s been more than a week since THE ACCIDENTAL PRIME MINISTER was released, and owing to my other engagements involving refurbishment, I had time just to see one movie last week and chose to see URI: THE SURGICAL STRIKE. I hadn’t heard very many positives about THE ACCIDENTAL PRIME MINISTER and therefore had no regrets. Yesterday evening, I was keen to celebrate the nearing of completion of the refurbishment work and headed out to the nearby mall to have a meal. And when I was walking out of the Food Court, the poster in the multiplex (located on the same floor) of THE ACCIDENTAL PRIME MINISTER seemed to beckon me, and not having anything worthwhile after a heavy meal saw this movie. So, it was partly by accident and partly by intention that I got to watch this.

I haven’t read the book on which this movie is based, and therefore my take is on how I felt after seeing the movie. True, an actor like Anupam Kher has done well to get under the skin of Dr Manmohan Singh, in terms of his gait, manner of speaking and other physical features, but the scripting and story telling also seems to follow Dr Singh’s gait! And my letting out a yawn now and then had little to do with my meal which I had earlier on!

THE ACCIDENTAL PRIME MINISTER looks like a string of loosely strung incidents and to my mind, certainly didn’t come across as a propaganda material. I wish there was a little more probing in depth into the decision making process of a Prime Minister who has come into this role by an accident. What we are exposed to instead, is bits and pieces of factual happenings and a lot more of Sanjaya Baru, the writer of the book. That is not to take away any credit from Akshaye Khanna, who portrays the role of Sanjay Baru. The German actress Suzanne Bernertwho dons the part of Sonia Gandhi helps somewhat in getting the insight of the Congress Party Leader, but I wish her hair make-up was better! Talking about make-up, the movie deserves credit for quite accurately creating lookalikes of several leaders, but Anupam Kher’s make up is easily the most well done.

At the end of it all, THE ACCIDENTAL PRIME MINISTER felt to me like a series of short skits with all the players dressed up for a fancy dress competition. Whether  and how much of a blame the debutant director Vijay Ratnakar Gutte or the writer Sanjaya Baru should take remains a moot point; the audience can’t be blamed for the movie not coming in hordes to see this much awaited movie.

REVIEW: 2.5 out of 5

January 19, 2019


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