The verdict is out on which is Bollywood’s biggest box-office hit in 2019 till date. And despite all the “toxic masculinity” associated with the film (I must confess that I had not heard this phrase before), KABIR SINGH has raced to the ₹ 250 crores club. One can say that this was to be expected considering that this is a remake of the enormously successful 2017 Telugu hit ARJUN REDDY and that its director, Sandeep Reddy Vanga has wielded the megaphone for KABIR SINGH as well. But KABIR SINGH received such harsh criticism, that I had decided not to see this movie. And the criticism focussed on the theme of the “misogynistic” nature of the lead character. But when I heard opinions on the contrary from a few of my lady friends, I decided to check it for myself.
KABIR SINGH is indeed worthy of criticism, but rather for the slipshod, superficial and unrefined manner in which the short-on-fuse character, who falls in love in a madly obsessive manner with a college mate, is presented. One can argue as to how does one present such a character in a “polished” manner. Simply speaking, state everything in a subtle manner and add a semblance of a real atmosphere for the story. I am surprised that the medical fraternity hasn’t commented about the scenes in the medical college or in the operating theatre! I must add that the character of the target of the obsession has been drawn well.
Given these constraints, the lead female character played by Kiara Advani does well despite having very little to speak. Shahid Kapoor, who plays the character with aberrations, unfortunately is over the top in many scenes, but perhaps has been told to do this by the director. Whenever he is not forced to display the excesses, his expressions convey well the angst.
KABIR SINGH is also inordinately long and the first half could well have been trimmed by half. On the positive side, unlike movies which begin well but get lost in the second half, Sandeep ensures that the story doesn’t flounder in the second half.
The music and a few of the songs (composed by a couple of music makers)are worthy of being heard repeatedly, and the BEKHAYALI song is truly the best song of 2019 till date. It is sung by Arijit Sigh and Sachet Tandon and both the versions are very haunting. Sachet along with his teammate Parampara has also created the tune for this song and it will require you to hear just twice for you to long to play this in a loop.

RATING: 2.5 out of 5
July 17th, 2019
#KabirSinghReview #Bekhayali

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