Nadiadwala Grandson Entertainment Private Limited is an Indian production house, best associated with successful but forgettable movies like HOUSEFUL and its sequels. However, whenever this production house has tied up with good directors, the end result has been good movies which created no ripples in the box-office. Examples are HIGHWAY directed by Imtiaz Ali, RANGOON directed by Vishal Bharadwaj and the 2019 production SUPER 30 directed by Vikas Bahl. To this, one must add the Nitesh Tiwari ( DANGAL) directed CHHICHHORE.
CHHICHHORE is a slang name used unflatteringly for a group of vagrant good-for-nothing school or college kids and is perhaps an unsuitable title for a movie which is a meaningful take on the warmth of college friendships and the meaninglessness of creating pressures to be “winners”. Deftly woven against the background of hostel life and what would appear to be trivialities, for those who haven’t experienced hostel life, CHHICHHORE awakens nostalgia, at least for those who have spent a few years in their adolescent years in a college hostel. Nitesh Tiwari, who is an alumnus of IIT, Mumbai includes several settings from his alma mater as we get introduced to the characters, one by one. And what strikes a chord is that all these characters and their eccentricities are so real and an immediate connection is set up between the viewers and the audience. Nitesh Tewari gets outstanding support from all his performers without exception; this is easily Shraddha Kapoor’s finest acting display.
Pritam’s music is a tad disappointing and the hospital scenes look more filmy to match the script, but that doesn’t prevent CHHICHHORE from delivering its message.
Coming back to its title, I was wondering what could have caused the makers to choose this name. My research led me to the information that CHH is a camp undertaken by a group of friends who have all at one stage or another attended St. Francis Xavier College, in Canberra in Australia. In this movie, the campsite is the hospital! Whether this is true or not, one thing is certain. Quizzes based on Bollywood can have one more question in their armour: Which are the two films whose single word titles feature CH twice over? CHITCHOR and of course CHHICHHORE!

RATING: 4 out of 5
September 10th, 2019

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