“A dream is not something that we see in our sleep. It is something that does not let us sleep.” So says Akshay Kumar, playing the role of Rakesh Dhawan, head of India’s first Mars Mission in 2013, in the movie MISSION MANGAL. And that energy, enthusiasm and nationalistic fervour which fills every frame of this movie, will surely help in breaking the box- office collection record for 2019, currently held by Shahid Kapoor’s KABIR SINGH. How successfully, this will weather the advent of SAAHO, to be released in about ten days, remains to be seen, but I am confident, that MISSION MANGAL will continue to rule the roost. For those of you, who do not know about SAAHO, it is India’s most expensive movie till date, costing nearly ₹ 400 crores.
But now, back to the topic of MISSION MANGAL. Any story featuring the underdogs meeting the mission goals, in the face of seemingly insurmountable challenges is bound to strike a chord in most of us. Add to that, a strong nationalistic fervour. Spice it up with moments of elation and disappointment like in any real life story. Stir it well with emotions to such an extent that you are glued to the screen. And let the background music blend seamlessly in the flow. And get a set of characters, to whom the common man can readily relate to, do the talking and taking you through from start to finish. You most certainly have a winning recipe at the end of it all. That’s exactly what MISSION MANGAL achieves!
Deftly scripted and directed by Jagan Shakti in his first film as an independent director (he has worked earlier as Assistant in ENGLISH VINGLISH and PADMAN), the biggest success of MISSION MANGAL is its sincerity to instill in its viewers a resounding backing for success of the mission on the screen. The last time such emotions were created was when audiences were watching DANGAL. Fortunately, DANGAL was about wrestling and Aamir Khan’s home grown techniques went well with the critics. In this case, the mission is about putting a satellite in orbit around Mars and therefore, notwithstanding that our brilliant scientists at ISRO made it happen, our critics and cynics are scoffing at the triviality with which serious science related matters are dealt with. I am not saying that MISSION MANGAL has the technical slickness and credentials of say APOLLO 13 or a fictitious STAR WARS, but the point it is trying to make is that Indian Jugaad works! Would the audience have lapped it up if differential equations and complex computer simulations were presented instead of the humble Puri frying experience?
The cast does an outstanding job: Akshay Kumar and Vidya बालन are very capably supported by the supporting team.
Amit Trivedi’s background music raises the adrenaline at the right times and the creative touches by R Balki (PAA) are well felt, despite his name featuring in a small corner in the credits.
But the clip featuring the Prime minister could have been avoided; was it done to get a Government recognition. Those and other glitches shouldn’t take away the credit from MISSION MANGAL for what it provides. Wholesome entertainment!
REVIEW: 4 out of 5
20th August 2019

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