To see or not to see: that was the ₹ 2,000 question (ticket price for my wife, my nephew and myself) that was on my mind, after hearing fairly vitriolic comments about the ₹ 350 crores multi lingual SAAHO. My wife who also had read about the “torturous” time a few viewers had experienced, asked me: KYA SAAHO KO SAHNA ZAROORI HAI ? I told her that many of my friends were waiting for my take on this Prabhas Shraddha Kapoor starrer if only to save them the ordeal of spending 170 minutes watching the movie. But what made me see the movie was when a frustrated (because of his disappointment with the new government in Andhra which had come to power on the promise of huge expectations) friend from Andhra Pradesh asked me: Which is more disappointing, 3 months of Jagan’s government or 3 hours of SAAHO?
Such has been the hype about SAAHO, that notwithstanding the adverse reviews, the first three days box-office receipts have broken records!
My first reaction after watching SAAHO was to try to recollect any other movie which I had seen in the last few years, which I could rate as worse than SAAHO. It didn’t take me much effort to recall that THUGS OF HINDOSTAN was definitely much worse than SAAHO. While that was the overall impression, there was one area where THUGS OF HINDOSTAN scored better: however inane it was, but I could understand the story. But in SAAHO’s case, I just couldn’t put the pieces together. The basic idea of the story in SAAHO is quite good. But the writer director Sujeeth seems to have totally wrecked what could have been a good thriller. I will not comment about Prabhas’ diction or Shraddha Kapoor presenting a lost look ( I wouldn’t blame her: with such a plot, everyone would get lost) or the tacky VFX in a couple of scenes. The action scenes are well shot and the glamorous locales for the song sequences are indeed fabulous. I have started to look at the feasibility of visiting Highline179 in Reutte on the Austrian German border, which at 400 metres is the world’s longest pedestrian suspension walkway!
Scenes featuring such locations and action scenes give an idea of where most of the budget might have been expended. If you want to see that, by all means see SAAHO. But unless you are a resident of Andhra Pradesh , you may not get the answer as to which is more disappointing : 3 months of the government there or 3 hours of SAAHO!
RATING: 2 out of 5
September 2nd, 2019

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