2019 has been a year where Articles and Sections have been much in the news. First it was the Ayushmann Khurrana starrer ARTICLE 15, which was in the news; then it was the turn of ARTICLE 35 A and ARTICLE 370 starring Amit Shah and now we have SECTION 375 starring Akshaye Khanna making the news. Just as I was penning this, it struck me that these three three characters involved in the news making creations have names in which the first letter of the first names is the same (A) and the second letter of the surnames is the same(H)!!
Triviliaties apart, all the creations have been extremely hard hitting and bold in their own ways. SECTION 375 : MARZI YA ZABARDASTI brings into the open the conflict that arises sometimes between Law and Justice. In the words of the defending lawyer, played with elan by Akshaye Khanna, Law is precise, but the concept of Justice is abstract. SECTION 375 is to be lauded, not merely because of its very real like story, but also because it doesn’t hesitate to hint that the pronouncers of judgments are prone to be influenced by public and press opinion. All the characters play their parts very competently. I would rate Kishore Kadam’s performance as a judge a notch higher than Akshaye Khanna’s performance as a defense lawyer. The only exception seems to be Richa Chadha’s portrayal as a prosecutor and that’s because, her dialogues and character have been drawn out weakly.
This is director Ajay Behl’s first film after he directed Rajkummar Rao’s tragic big city woes in CITY LIGHTS in 2014. Except that the treatment comes across as theatrical and the first half is a tad bit slow, Ajay Behl presents a fairly gripping command on how things are presented. For the critics, who haven’t been speaking favourably about the movie, like The Huffington Post, I just have to say that the purpose of the movie ( like case studies in management schools) is not to take a moralistic stand on what transpires. It is just a work of fiction, which perhaps has a close bearing on reality.

RATING : 4 out of 5
September 15th, 2019

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