Goodbye 2019

A whole year has passed since we bid goodbye to Oman and I stepped into the so called retired life. But it seems to me that this variety of retirement is keeping us just as busy! We have been to new places, made new friends and spent time in old places with old friends ( we would like to do more of this in 2020). And then there have been classmates get-togethers ( a school mates get together is slated for tomorrow evening)! Of course, there have been the weekly and sometimes bi-weekly visits to the very comfy multiplexes, where we have been treated to good, bad and ugly episodes on the big screen. One significant development that has happened in this year: our TV watching has appreciably increased, thanks to some remarkable fare on Netflix and Amazon Prime.
I am actually revelling in the uncertainty that each new day brings and the entropy that envelops us because of this. A few years back, there was a very set pattern and I felt comfortable with that and I am surprised that I am feeling at home with no set pattern that has set in this year. Will it be different in 2020? I don’t know neither do I want to know. Every morning I get up and feel happy and thankful that I am alive! There have been more body pains and aches, but that is part of growing up!As we bid goodbye to the teens of the 21st century, Lata and Aditya join me in wishing you and your near and dear a healthy and joyous 2020!

About The eternally happy Vijay

A cheerful person who loves watching and reviewing movies and indulges in random writings!
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