Till now, the best movie made on the theme of true car racing related stories, which I had seen was six years ago. That was RUSH. And today after seeing FORD vs FERRARI, I felt that RUSH got pushed one slot lower. To know what that means in my language, FORD vs FERRARI gets a 5 on 5 rating, and should not be missed!
If I were to be the producer, I would have titled this movie FORD vs FORD. This is despite the fact that Ford’s drive to make racing cars (initially triggered by the famed Lee Iacoca’s advise to Mr Ford) became an obsession with Mr Ford after his offer to buy out Ferrari was snubbed by the Italian owner of Ferrari. That’s because, the battles which American automotive designer Caroll Shelby (played by Matt Damon) fights on behalf of his friend and protégé Ken Miles (played by Christian Bale) is with the bureaucracy of the Ford Motor Company, the machinations of the top management and the utter ruthlessness of Mr Ford take the centre stage.
The acting by the lead players is outstanding as also the actor who plays Henry Ford the second. The scripting is taut, despite the run time of the movie exceeding two and a half hours. The finale is set on the extremely arduous track of the French Town of Le Mans and is a 24 hour race of not just speed and skill but reliability of the machine. And the cars cover a distance of over 5000 kilometres in the 24 hour time period.
FORD vs FERRARI isn’t just about high adrenaline; it is more about human drama and the highs and lows of the lead players.

RATING : 5 out of 5
November 19th, 2019

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