WAR (Hindi)
JOKER (English)
Last week, I saw these three new releases on successive days.. Here is my take on these three movies. In terms of genres, each is very different from the other.
SYE RAA NARASIMHA REDDY (I will call it SRNR in short) is a big budget Telugu production, which has been simultaneously dubbed in Hindi and other South Indian languages. It is a fictitious take on how the protagonist takes on the war mongering chiefs of The East India Company and is widely believed to have been the inspiration behind Jhansi Lakshmi Bai’s revolt later on. It has everything to stir positive feelings amongst the masses, who revel in the hero’s single handed display of valour, powerful dialogues, a huge star cast led by Chiranjeevi ( who ably carries the film on his shoulders), a bevy of beauties from the Tollywood stable (Nayantara, Tamannah, Anushka Shetty), and Amitabh Bachchan, and thumping background music and songs (by Amit Trivedi) and a story that looks like a fable from Amar Chitra Katha comic books. The last bit is what causes a discerning viewer to lose interest in the narration. Everything is exaggerated, when it need not have been, and it becomes clear that his son has made this movie, not with an intention to create a classic, but more to project Chiranjeevi in a larger than life role. Technically, the film is excellent, but we do look for something more than that!

WAR is to Hritik Roshan and Tiger Shroff, what SRNR is to Chiranjeevi. Written exclusively to showcase the dancing talents and the macho handsomeness of its lead actors, WAR sacrifices everything in the process. It is utter nonsense that takes you on a world wide tour of exotic locales. Here again, the theme is good and this could have proved to be a worthy follower in the DHOOM series. But instead, it treads the path of the unsuccessful Hritik starrer BANG BANG and heaps on the viewer incredulities in rapid succession. As is normal in such movies, where the focus is on action and the male characters, the female presence in the form of Vaani Kapoor ( her previous disaster was BEFIKRE) has little to do except flaunt her figure. The action sequences are well executed, and two things are certain. Hritik Roshan does look like a Greek God and Tiger Shroff will stay on in Bollywood for a long time. You need to wage a war with your sensibilities if you have to like WAR!


JOKER, contrastingly has superb performances. The script is taut and is as close to reality as close as Gotham is to any other town in the US a couple of decades back. But one must admit that the movie is very, very disturbing and the violence stays with you long after the movie has ended. It is not that we have not been exposed to violence in Hollywood movies in the past. And there have been classics which have had liberal doses of violence. But, where JOKER fails is in its seeming to rationalise or explain such aberrations as what should be expected if society were to continue to heap injustices on the less fortunate. A movie maker is not merely creating a work of art. He has to see what could be the consequences of bringing such a story onto the screen. Will it prevent the creation of characters like JOKER or will it spawn more JOKERS? The latter looks like a more real possibility.


October 9th, 2019

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