There aren’t many of my friends who wouldn’t have heard of the unfortunate passing away of the Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput a little over a month back. Sushant’s last film is DIL BECHARA which is slated for release in the next few days on Amazon Prime platform. The songs were released less than a fortnight back and I have just kept listening to these songs every day in the last week. The first time I heard these songs, two things struck me. One was that most of these songs sounded very different from the crap that has come out of Bollywood in the first half of 2020. The second was that the songs, because of the pitch changes and overlay of voices, sounded like “remixes” of the underlying melody of these songs. But very, very different from the Honey and Mika Singh remixes!
As a rule, most films beginning with DIL have pretty decent songs, the last film being DIL DHADKNE DO, about five years back. So, one can say that DIL BECHARA had that in built advantage! Add to that the fact that the prodigious AR Rahman is the composer and the lyrics are by one of the prolific lyric writers Amitabh Bhattacharya. Superimpose the tragic love tale of the movie and the tragedy involving the lead artiste, you cannot blame music lovers for not failing to reach out to listen to this album. A R Rahman’s last really successful music score for Bollywood was about nine years back for ROCKSTAR. After that, he has scored for just five movies, and barring a couple of songs, most of them were forgettable. Will DIL BECHARA change that downward slide? I dont know, but I would rate this as his finest composition after ROCKSTAR. But a long long way from his classics in another movie beginning with Dil: DIL SE.
There are songs of different genres, and although not melancholic in nature, do have a certain undertone of sadness like the storyline of the movie. How do I know that the story is a sad one? Because it is based on the enormously successful 2012 novel THE FAULT IN OUR STARS, which was made into a movie with the same title in 2014.
Like most AR Rahman’s numbers, you will need to listen to them a couple of times, and imagine the situations and the context and perhaps, you will like them. At any rate, this is the best Bollywood album in 2020 till date.

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