RATING : 2.5 out of 5
July 25th, 2020

A few days back, I wrote positively about the music of DIL BECHARA. If you haven’t still listened to it, please do so, because it is the best Bollywood music album from amongst all the movies released in 2020. And if you have heard the numbers a few times, you may like when the numbers are played out when and if you watch the movie. That is, if you still like to see the movie, after reading my views.
In short, I would call it VIEWER BECHARA!
That’s despite the very good acting by the lead pair, Sushant Singh Rajput ( his last movie before his unfortunate death) and the debutant Sanjana. And the wonderful story telling in THE FAULT IN THE STARS, on which this is based. And the very fresh sounding music of AR Rahman.
The story sounds hollow and no effort is made whatsoever in trying to detail Sushant’s character and background. All that we are told is that he is a fun loving person despite his health issues. And the adaptation from the parent is weak. Thus, instead of feeling with and for the tragedy lined characters, you actually wait for the next song to deliver some freshness. There are about 8 songs, and so you will come across one song every fifteen minutes or so!
Mukesh Chhabra, the director had an excellent theme to create a mushy love tale, but perhaps he too felt Bechara (Helpless)!


July 25th, 2020

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